Board members

Stephen Schueler, President.

Executive Chairman Maritime Capital

Spencer Oliver, President Emeritus

Secretary General Spencer Oliver was chosen as the first Secretary General of the Assembly by the first Bureau meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in October 1992 and confirmed unanimously by the Standing Committee of Heads of Delegation at their meeting in Copenhagen in 1993.

Vibeke Henrichsen, Club Secretary

Arthur Buchman, Vice President.

Psychologist, Coach, Leadership Trainer at NLP World

Byron Clayton, Vice President.

Global Head of People Culture, IKEA Retail

Justin W. Ihnken, Vice President.

Co-Founder QNTM Labs

Ilya Katsnelson, Vice President.

CEO International Flight Support, R & M Holding Aps. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions (platform/applications) iPad and Windows for airlines and business jet industry.

Jørgen Kemp, Vice President

Scanasia/Skalatek is used for exporting coatings for interior and exterior cruise ships decks and other marine purposes. Importing, marketing and installing electronic particle ionization equipment in Scandinavia for cleaning the air inside animal barns by removal of dust, odor and ammonia.

Christine M. Fagan, Embassy representative to the ACC

Consular Section Chief, U.S. Embassy Copenhagen.

Morten Riise-Knudsen, Honorary Treasurer.

Attorney at Morten Riise-Knudsen

Tamra Rosanes, Vice President


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